Data Backup & Recovery

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Problems with your computer’s hard drive? We can help you save what is most valuable to you — whether it’s precious family photos or work documents, we’ll do our best to recover and back up your data so you can carry on with your work or life.

Sometimes, computer hard drives fail, and often times when they do, it’s at the worst possible time. That’s why we always suggest keeping backups of your work, especially if you are doing delicate or time consuming work, or you have precious photos or movies on your hard drive. Still, if your hard drive fails or you need help retrieving your data, we can assist.

For a long time, computers utilized what is called “spinner” style hard drives, which are physical disks where data is written. Over time, these disks can stop spinning. Sometimes they can make strange noises, not mount, or take a long time to write or read data to show they are dying, but other times they can just stop working abruptly. Newer technology called solid state technology allows for faster accessibility of your files. In a solid state drive (SSD), there are no moving parts, meaning failure is extremely unlikely. This also makes your computer run faster and quieter. Some users even report replacing their old spinner with a SSD is like having a brand new computer all over again! We can replace an old unreliable spinner hard drive with a new and SSD after we have retrieved your data from your failed hard drive.

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