Malware Removal


Sick and tired of popups? Have a problem with malware, ransomware, or viruses taking over your computer? We can help! We offer malware cleaning and virus removal services for desktop and laptop computers.

Some common malware and virus issues we tackle:

Malware Removal
While the term malware (malicious software) is more or less a cover-all term, this general catch-all means that we can help you remove and prevent a variety of software intrusions from happening on your computer including unwanted advertisements and popups.
Virus Removal
Caught a virus somewhere on the web? We can help you clean your machine of viruses. We also offer preventative services to help you from getting a virus in the future.
Spyware Removal
Spyware is slightly more complex than “just a virus”. While spyware, malware, and viruses are often within the same scope of problems, spyware is meant to spy on you and gather important information. Spyware can include keyloggers, adware, rootkits, trojans, system monitors, web beacons, and more. We can help you clean up your system to keep your computer time private – and keep unwanted users from accessing your things.
Ransomware Recovery
Ransomware is a relatively new type of software that holds your system hostage for a ransom, usually demanded in bitcoin. Ransomware is often times a Trojan-style piece of software that you download inadvertently. We can help you recover from unwanted file encryption and ransomware. Just contact us as soon as you can!

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