Tablet Repair Services

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Did you drop your tablet? Has your dog used it as a chew toy? When you pull your finger across the screen, does it not register? At iTek Reps, our expert electronic technicians can repair your tablet’s glass in minutes. Your screen shouldn’t be cracked; it should be smooth and functional. Bring in your tablet today and see what it would take to get repaired. Below is a list of some tablets and other touch screen devices that we service, repair, and sell.


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iPad 2 / 2nd Generation glass and LCD repair
iPad 3 / 3rd Generation glass and LCD repair
iPad 4 / 4th Generation glass and LCD repair
iPad Mini 1 / 1st, 2 / 2nd, 3 / 3rd, 4 / 4th Generation glass and LCD repair
iPad Air 1 and 2 glass LCD repair
iPad (5th Generation) glass and LCD repair
iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.9 inch glass and LCD repair






iPod touch 2nd glass repair
iPod touch 3rd glass repair
iPod touch 4th glass repair

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Did you drop your phone and crack the screen? Does your computer run too slow? Does your tablet’s touch screen not work properly? At iTek Reps we can fix your smartphones, tablets, computers and more. Our tenured professionals know what it’s like to go without vital electronics. We offer fast turnarounds on all products and on minor repairs you can wait while we fix your device.


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